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Facebook grabs Instagram for 1 billion in change and stocks

Users of Facebook will now have the option of adding their own pictures of friends and family to their Facebook page. The owner and designer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has actually purchased Instagram for one billion dollars. If some of the Facebook users are astounded at the sum, don’t worry, your mentor Mark Zuckerberg has not taken leave of his senses. He is planning on allowing Instagram to continue to be used and managed as it always has by online photo lovers. His buying of Instagram for one billion in stock and cash is to let him add Instagram to Facebook thus making it easily accessible to Facebook pages and those who have made Facebook their one stop location for all of their online mingling.
The buy was reported late on Monday, April 9,2012 by Zuckerberg himself who came out with a statement from Silicon Valley home of the online billionaires and those who love their online social media platform, Facebook. If you have never used Instagram, you will since the software photo shop program is relatively easy to use. Now, you can use it on your Facebook page and let your followers see your photographs right on your page.
What is more interesting is the one billion dollar price tag that Mark Zuckerberg has paid for the online photography studio. Of course, as owner of Instagram he will enjoy the profits of the photo studio, but one billion dollars for your own photography studio sounds strange. Conjecture is that Zuckerberg just wanted to make some amazing news that would get him more attention that Madonna in the Congo. He succeeded in his buy of Instagram at one billion dollars. Also, Zuckerber might have needed a tax loophole to right off one billion dollars in business speculation or else maybe he really does want only the best for users of his obviously extravagant Facebook. Anyways, adding Instagram to Facebook immediately legitimizes Facebook’s photos as proper and well done.

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