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Gaining More Facebook Likes

Gaining More Facebook LikesAn often overlooked way to spread the word about your business is to purchase Facebook likes. There are many vendors who will sell likes, but be aware. There are a couple of pitfalls to avoid.

You want to use more than one supplier. A good mix of IP addresses makes the activity look natural. Make sure that the sellers you are dealing with are selling likes from real people and not “ghost” accounts.

Facebook has detected this kind of shady behavior in the past and banned accounts because of it. You’d have to start all over with a new account if that happened to you; so, avoid it by only buying likes from sellers who source from real users.

Gigbucks can help in this regard. Payment is easy through Paypal or AlertPay. Via Gigbucks you can access a variety of sellers offering real Facebook likes from all over the world. Learn more about Facebook and SEO.

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