Maldives Dive Site

Banana Reef, another top Maldives dive site is named for the curved, banana-shaped reef here and is one of the most colourful dives you will find in the Maldives. This is a great place for seeing vivid reef life like the angelfish, blue-lined snapper and bannerfish. The reef itself is gorgeous here and the only precaution you really need to take is to mind the swirling currents known as “washing machine currents” that can really take you by surprise. Okobe Thila, one of the most interesting “thila” or “pinnacle” scubs diving in the Maldives, is a definite favourite with scuba divers here. The three coral heads at this dive spot are frequented by schools of eagle rays, tuna, bannerfish and much more, but is perhaps most famous for its barracudas – so much so, in fact, that the site is often known as Barracuda Giri. Reef sharks have also been seen at this dive site on regular occasions.

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