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Procedures that Allow the Doctor a View of the Inner Body

endoscopy-laparoscopyWhen there are health concerns going on within the body, the doctor cannot visualize the problem to take care of the concerns unless certain medical procedures are completed. It is a blessing that medical technologically has advanced as far as it has to give the doctor a bird’s eye view of the inner body.

An endoscopy procedure allows the doctor to view the esophagus, the small intestine, stomach, and the duodenum, while the laparoscopy is a mini surgical procedure giving the doctor a good view of the abdominal cavity, ovaries, uterus and tubes through a mini telescope with a fiber optic light. These two procedures are considered invasive and non-invasive procedures. The laprascopy procedure requires one to three small one inch incisions in the abdomen.

The patient scheduled for these procedures, receives either a general or twilight sedative, and remembers little if anything of the procedure after it is completed. Whenever a patient receives a general or twilight sedative, the recovery room monitors them until the sedative wears off. The recovery room nurses monitor the patient for any side effects or adverse reactions or complications of the anesthesia. Learn more about Zeiss Stratus Oct 3000 Retina Tomographer software 7.
It comes complete with one computer monitor and system unit, mouse and printer (printer doesn’t show, but included), rolling desk, and the 3000 patient module.
This is a solid product and would provide years of good service.  It is an excellent unit for the right medical practice with latest software version 7.0 complete system. $11650

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