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Who is Claude Shires?

Who is Claude Shires? Not having heard of Claude Shire I watched a recorded video of him and found him to be one of the most outlandish, and fun-loving stand-up comedians I have ever seen. He who truly loves performing on stage. He finds humor in each stage of life that makes growing old kids play. Claude finds something unique in every decade of life. He routinely performs at LA’s Ice house Comedy club where laughter has first erupted fifty years ago.

He also has no problem with his sexuality and comments off the cuff quite easily. It seems that once Claude steps on stage in front of his audience, they cannot stop laughing. He has a way of making everyone smile and laugh with his hilarious approaches to different aspects of life itself in a very relaxed and laid back manner. Quite frankly, to put it into his own words – Claude Shire is one f-ing great comedian. With great respect for his wife and marriage, he has a humorous way of telling of different things that come up in their life a funny and hilarious way.

Understand if you have little children, you may want to hold back a bit before exposing them to the Shires experience, as Claude’s focus is more toward the adult audience and some comments could be over your children’s heads – but then again, ever notice how today’s children know more about that kind of stuff than their parent? Go figure it! If you are up for a different type of standup comedy that tells it like it is, without holding anything back, watch Claude Shire I am sure you too will find him very funny and entertaining. You will never look at your husband, wife, girlfriend or guyfriend the same way again.  Click here for a video of standup comedy.

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